Unlocking the Power of Ancient Oils for Spiritual Transformation
Living a sustainable lifestyle is critical for your spiritual health.

I strive to educate and empower individuals to 
make conscious choices in their everyday lives.

Providing guidance and support to those seeking to deepen their 
understanding of spiritual matters and natural health through: 
  Ancient Oils and Anointing
  Natural Cooking
  Spiritual Practices
  Environmental Design

And...any other areas of your life that will bring you a sense of joy, rest and peace!
My Passion is to Help the World in a Good Way
A Practice by Design
30 Day Transformation

Ancient Oils

Natural Cooking

Meet the Spiritual Seer
who is lighting the TORCH around the world!
Lynn Chittick RN MA MDIV

Lynn has been TEACHING Eco Inspired Living for 30+ years. Currently she is CEO of TORCH: The Organization for Realizing Change in Humanity. 

Lynn has been working with both East and West medicine, certified through Cornell University in plant based medicine, and uses a diagnostic test through a hair analysis epigentic test to support clients with optimal health and give a 90 day report. Lynn works with animals as well. While using her theological approach to sustainability, she is an expert in multicultural ideas and connectional system change.  She is a speaker, lecturer, consultant, and creative.

10 Million Heirloom Seeds to 1 Million Children
With Torch Heirloom Seeds, children will be able to start their own gardens and learn valuable life skills in the process. 
We are thrilled to have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of so many children and are confident that this initiative will have a lasting impact